Dance Lounge
Gift Shop
Ski Village
Ski Lodge
Lodge Attic
Sport Shop
The Plaza
The Pet Shop
The Dojo
The Dojo Courtyard
The Ninja Hideout
The Pizza Parlor
The Stage
Pirate Ship
Captain’s Quarters
Crow’s Nest
The Dock
Snow Forts
Ice Rink
Agent HQ
The Command Room
Boiler Room
The Ice Berg
Mine Shack
The Cove
Party 2

Igloo, Party Music

Igloo Music Dance Mix

Jazz Igloo Music

April Fools Day Party

April Fools Day Party 2

April Fool’s Day: Box Dimension

Halloween Party

Halloween Party Inside

Halloween Party Lab

Halloween Jam

Medieval Party

Medieval Party 2

Medieval Party Lighthouse

Medieval Party-Underground

Medieval Party-Mine Shack

Medieval Party-Quest

Medieval Party-Final Quest Room

Creepy Halloween Igloo Music

Christmas Party

Christmas Piano Medley

Christmas Bells

Underground Christmas Party

Music Jam Party

Music Jam Party 2

Music Jam Party 3

Music Jam Party 4

Festival of Flight

Festival of Flight-Tallest Mountain

Festival of Flight Jam

Sub Marine Party

Sub Marine Party Dance Mix

Sub Marine Party-Boiler Room, Dance Lounge

Festival of Snow

Adventure Party

Adventure Party-Underground

Adventure Jam

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day Jam

Pirate Party, Ocean Voyage

Cool Surf Igloo Music

Summer Party

Camping Party

Penguin Games

Water Party

Fall Fair

Fall Fair Game

Party Jam

Puffle Party

Puffle Party 2

Puffle Party Inside

Winter Fiesta-Inside

Winter Fiesta

Anniversary Party

Space Adventure

The Twelfth Fish

Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gammma Gal

Fairy Fables

Team Blue’s Rally Debut

Quest for the Golden Puffle

The Penguins that Time Forgot

Team Blue’s Rally 2

The Haunting of the Viking Opera

Ruby and the Ruby

Space Adventure: Planet Y

Penguin Play Awards

Game Music

Hydro Hopper

Bean Counters

Puffle Round-Up

Ice Fishing

Sled Racing

Cart Surfer

Pizzatron 3000

Dance Contest: The Generic Way

Dance Contest: Epic Win

Dance Contest: Penguin Band Boogie

Dance Contest: Go West

Dance Contest: Patrick’s Jig

Jet Pack Adventure

Thin Ice

Catchin’ Waves

Aqua Grabber: Clam Waters

Aqua Grabber: Soda Seas



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