Herbet spotted on Clubpenguin!

Hello Agents!

If you remember, some months ago Billybob said there’s a new mission coming soon! Yesterday, I found something in the newspaper that scared me a LOT! It’s HERBERT! Yes, HERBERT! If you take a look on the “Focus” section, you will noticed Herbert is wearing a yeti costume…

Herbert Spotted On Club Penguin! club penguin

He knows a lot about the Ski Lodge, Boiler Room & Cove. Weird huh? We are 100% sure he is Herbert. So, what do you think? Is he planning something to destroy the Island again or what?! Maybe Billybob will let us know more about this today on theCommunity Blog.


Billybob on April Fools!

Billybob posted on the official Club Penguin Blog wishing everyone “Happy April Fools Day”, and asking how we like the party.

Billybob on April Fools Day Party club penguin

What do you think about it? There are many jokes, gags, and silly surprises on the island. You should check them all out, especially the following ones:

  • At the Town, the Coffee Shop and the Gift Shop are transparent!
  • When exiting one of the 2 rooms above, you get to the Iceberg
  • The boat at the dock is upside-down!
  • There are some hilarious signs at the Iceberg!
  • Try going to the mine, you will end up in a room with the “Loading” sign and funny messages. Click the loading arrows to get to the mine.

Club Penguin April Fool’s Day Party 2010 Ultimate Guide!

Hey penguins, Double Mvp here. I’m here to inform you that I eat cookies for breaskfast.. ha ha! I really do eat cookies for breakfast, but that’s another story. Without further adu, let’s check out the ultimate guide for the April Fool’s Day Party of 2050! I meant 2010.

Like my costume? I was trying to look like Dupple. 😀 Enough fooling around, let’s get down to the cheats. There are 2 free items at the April Fool’s Party. Here’s how to find the one of them, the Red Propeller Cap:
1. Click on your Map and go to the Dock.
2. Find the canvas in which penguins are throwing paint at.
3. Keep on throwing paint until the picture you forms looks like a treasure box. To speed up the progress, hold down the “T” button on your keyboard and continuously throw paint at the canvas.

When you finally paint the treasure box, a Red Propeller Cap will fly onto a table.

Make sure you waddle up to the table and obtain your cap if you don’t already have it! Next is the members’ only room… but for 1 day only, non-members’ can go inside the room! April Fools… sorry, no they can’t. That was a bad joke. 😦
Here’s how to access the members’ only room:
1. Click on your Map and go to the Snow Forts.
2. In the center of the room there is a door. If you’re a member, you can walk into it and find the member’s only area!

Once you arrive inside, this is the area you should see:

The last free item, the King Jester Hat, is located in the right side of the room.

Here’s what it looks like when you waddle up to it:

Now you know how to obtain all of the free items at the April Fool’s Day Party 2010! Go enjoy the party and make sure to drop a comment with your brain… 😀

-Double Mvp

Reviewed by YOU!

Hello Penguins!

We’ve heard from lots of you about how much fun you’ve had at the Penguin Play Awards – and many of you said you’d had your own award parties at home! Last week we asked about the best party you’ve created and Sparklydo said:

The best party I have ever had was a camping site right in my igloo! You could steer a ship in the ocean,be on a deserted island,But did I mention the ocean was full of sharks?You could even get lost in the woods.There was lots more,but me and my buddies all had tons of fun! Waddle on Club Penguin!

The April Fool’s party kicks off tomorrow, and we hope you and your friends find all the surprises around island. This week we’d like to know about a time when you and your buddies went exploring. What did you find?

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment. We’ll post one (50 – 75 words please) in next week’s Reviewed By You. And if your comment is chosen as the feature comment on next week’s blog, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

Until then…Waddle on!

Club Penguin Aprils Fool’s Day Party Sneak Peek + Penguin Play Awards Winners!

Hey penguins, Double Mvp here. The Aprils Fool’s Day party has almost arrived! It will hit the island on April 1st, so the Club Penguin team has given us a sneak peek of the members’ only area. Check it out:

This looks like just a sketch, but I think this is how the members’ only area will actually look!

In other news…
The Penguin Play Awards have finished, and the results are in! They’re not exactly the results I was hoping for. Take a look at the final results:

The Quest for the Golden Puffle has won the Best Play Award 2 years in a row, and it pretty much dominated the whole event, getting 4 out of the 5 awards! Which play were you rooting for? I wanted the Underwater Adventure or Ruby and the Ruby to win Best Play Award. Comment with your answers!

-Double Mvp

Club Penguin Red Sneakers Item Spotted on Plush Toy!

Hey penguins, Double Mvp here. While browsing through Club Penguin’s Toys on their online store, I spotted a Plush Toy of a basketball player penguin with Red Sneakers! This is a new Series 7 Club Penguin Toy which is dressed in a red jersey and shoes as opposed to blue.

Check it out the Club Penguin Red basketball player:

Looks the same, except for the red jersey and shoes. 🙂 I might purcahse one and possibly give the code away! Keep an eye out for a giveaway, for we haven’t had one in a long time. Drop a comment with your thoughts.

-Double Mvp


Hello penguins! Chrisdog93  just informed on his website that there is a new clubpenguin app!  Here is his post!

Apple recently approved a new Club Penguin app for the iPhone and iPod Touch called Club Penguin Guide!

Get the Club Penguin Guide App for your iPod Touch or iPhone! club penguin

The app has all of the cheats, tutorials, and trackers you could possibly need for Club Penguin, available anywhere on your iPhone or iPod Touch! It’s very useful for pretty much anything Club Penguin related. For example, you want to find Cadence at the Penguin Play Awards. You can use the trackers tab to find her location!

Get the Club Penguin Guide App for your iPod Touch or iPhone! club penguin

Of course the app has tons of other uses. There are detailed step by step cheats, and tutorials. Below is an example of one of the many cheats you can discover with Club Penguin Guide:

Get the Club Penguin Guide App for your iPod Touch or iPhone! club penguin

The Club Penguin Guide app will be starting at only $1.99! Here’s how you can get the Club Penguin Guide app on your iPod Touch or iPhone:

If you have iTunes on your computer, just click here to download the app. It will be synced next time you plug in your iPod Touch or iPhone.

If you don’t have iTunes on your computer (or are reading from your iPod Touch/iPhone), use these steps:

1. Go to the app store on your iPod Touch of iPhone.

2. Click on the search tab. Search for, “Club Penguin Guide”. Click on the icon that looks like the one below:

Get the Club Penguin Guide App for your iPod Touch or iPhone! club penguin

3. Click on the price, and then click on the buy button.

4. Enter your iTunes info (email and pass).

You will now be able to have the Club Penguin Guide app on your iPod Touch or iPhone!